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Taking the leap…from home studio to main street boutique

Margaret Wray is a coming together of vision, timing, loads of love and family support – topped with lashings of talent passed on through the generations. A high fashion label with a grass roots story. The good old way, starting in the shed. I came back from London 2 years ago and set up a studio in my parents shed. It was lovingly renovated by my Uncle and my Dad to allow the light to come in and create a space to inspire creativity.

I’d always planned to get a shop space. And we all know timing is everything. There had been a couple of opportunities just a little too soon and then this one came up. I felt I was out growing the shed and wanted somewhere more special for my clients to come too. The new space came up at the beginning of the year so I took a leap of faith. You’d be right to ask is the timing right?

Covid has thrown everything up in the air – I have questioned it all! But as the time has passed and things have somewhat settled, I have realised what I do is what I love and it is what makes me happy. So just do that, right?!

And here it is, the new wedding boutique in Clyde. I love the space. It is once again a coming together of family and friends, their incredible support and hard work to revamp the place and get it ready to open. I am so proud and feel honoured to welcome my clients through the doors. As a creative, it is a really inspiring place to be.

I am loving coming to work each day, having people drop in and of course the Friday night drinks with the shop neighbours. The connection with the community is priceless.

Community is strong in Clyde. This old New Zealand town is full of creatives working to bring out the best of the place. There is so much rich history here. And of course the dramatic landscape and seasonal blooms. Weddings in Central Otago are beautiful all year round.

It’s exciting to have my place, to be able to share my ideas and contribute locally. The shop opening is an accumulation of my experience over the years, both in work and life. Years in London freelancing, working with different nationalities and their different ways of thinking and doing things. Creating my own gowns in London and then building the business here in New Zealand. The importance of community and giving back locally. The pace of life here suits me, the time to chat and ponder ideas.

2020, like for everyone, is not quite what I pictured but it feels good to be where I am right now.

How do I see the future of Margaret Wray from the shop window? Bright, sunny and happy with all the smiling faces looking through the window back at me.

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