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Bridal collections: Couture & Vintage

If you’ve had a look around the website, you’ve maybe noticed two main collections of bridal gowns here at Margaret Wray: our Couture Collection and our Vintage Collection.

Couture generally means that something that was made just for you – but don’t let the names fool you! All dresses from Margaret Wray are bespoke and can range from unique customisations of an existing design to a totally new design made just for you.

Initially, I started Margaret Wray with a more vintage aesthetic overall and took a lot of inspiration from clothing and dresses from vintage shops, old patterns and laces and the style of Hollywood glam from the 30s and 40s, translating these themes into modern-day wedding dress designs. I find details like the type of laces or combination of lace and fabric makes a big impact in shaping a Margaret Wray Vintage Collection wedding gown. I also like to update each design with contemporary touches – say, adjusting the fit for the modern bride, or tweaking details like hems and sleeve length, while keeping their originality and overall vintage feel.

The Couture Collection is the contemporary set of designs. Here my inspiration is using more modern trends and styles, whilst ensuring they remain classic and timeless. The dresses I’ve designed for New Zealand Fashion Week are a great example from this collection. I incorporate modern laces, as many tend to have fewer floral patterns giving difference to the vintage styles, alongside different colours and garments altogether – like bridal jumpsuits.

The beauty of these two Collections, combined with a focus on custom-made wedding gowns, is that it provides a lot of flexibility. I really can bring your vision to life – whatever it may be! You can use these Collections for inspiration, or we can work together to identify and design a brand new custom gown made just for you.

In addition to all the beautiful designs you’ll find in our Vintage and Couture Collection, here's an example of a recent wedding dresses I designed that's fully custom-made and very unique in style and fabric.

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