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Summer weddings and wedding dresses

As we farewell summer, I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed breaking out the Tanqueray and Fever Tree and saying a big cheers to all the summer brides who are newly married and all those about to get married too!

This season has had me thinking about my favourite summer wedding gowns that I’ve made over the years, and I have to say, there are a few factors they all have in common:

#1: Fabric Choice

Fabric choice is key for a summer wedding! At Margaret Wray we focus on crafting custom-made gowns using silk and natural fibres. Silk is the most comfortable, luxurious, strongest fabric creating amazing lustre, with the finest hand and drapability. A silk garment will hang beautifully, keep you cool while you dance the night away and last for generations to come (with proper care, of course). Everything you could want in a wedding gown!

#2: Fit

Margaret Wray designs don’t only focus on aesthetic appeal – they’re also very comfortable to wear. The way I make and custom fit each dress just for you, plus choices like corseting, boning, layering all has a big impact on how comfortable the dress will be. This is an important consideration when you’re likely to spend 8+ hours in your wedding gown! (potentially in 30 degree weather).

#3: Timelines

This may sound like a funny one but having enough time to work with a bride on every step of creating her dream gown makes the process that much more enjoyable. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the challenge of creating a custom gown within a tight timeline. But there’s nothing like having enough time to fully personalize your design, add all the custom fabrics, trims and embellishments that will make it truly special. We recommend allowing 6- 8 months for the full process, particularly in busy periods in the lead up to summer wedding season.

For those planning a 2020 summer wedding and looking for some summer wedding dress inspiration, check out a few of my designs including: Rosie, Estelle and Amalie.

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