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About Margaret  Wray

Margaret Wray is a bridal and evening wear couture label, hailing from the inspirational landscapes of Central Otago, New Zealand. We create high-end bespoke and vintage-inspired gowns and evening attire that makes every wearer feel empowered, feminine and strong. 


Through craftsmanship, sumptuous fabrics hand-sourced from Europe and detailed embellishments, we ensure every piece has its own distinct identity--just like you. 


Atelier and founder, Jamie Richards uses her wealth of experience from London fashion houses, to create a fully immersive experience through Margaret Wray’s consultation process. Whether you have found your inspiration through her collections, or already have a vision for your perfect gown, Jamie will work with you to tease out and explore your ideas.  From here, she will select a range of fabrics and trims to suit your chosen style and work alongside you until a timeless, personalised piece has been created.


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Hi! I'm Jamie Margaret Richards; Founder of Margaret Wray.


Originally from a quaint town in New Zealand, I’ve always loved clothes, trinkets and special things that make women smile. Growing up, it has been important for me to seek inspiration-- not only where I have come from-- but from places, cultures, countries and people around me.


Two of these people have been my grandmothers. Both beautiful and unique in their own way, each had their own distinctly elegant style. They are my inspiration and genesis of my company– Margaret Wray, a combination of both my grandmothers’ first and maiden names.  I naturally have many characteristics of these women and they have been instrumental in me developing my own unique style.


I studied Fashion Design and Technology in Wellington, New Zealand. After graduation, I began my career as a design & production assistant where I learned many of the foundational skills and techniques that I still use to this day.  After four exciting years in my first job, I moved to London and opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion and couture. After many years in London developing my skills and experience within leading fashion houses, it was time to return home and create gorgeous gowns on my home soil. 


The vision of Margaret Wray is to create beautiful gowns and one-off pieces with a contemporary finish and feel.  A gown that is unique to you and to myself as the designer. A gown created from the knowledge and experience I have attained through all who have inspired me and have led to create a business with craftsmanship and individuality at its heart.  I am passionate about beautiful creations and elegant dresses.


With each client, I ensure that from sketch to finished garment the process is an exciting, inspiring and personal journey. So, if you're looking for a unique creation for any occasion then Margaret Wray can design and deliver the perfect ensemble for you- something my grandmothers would be very proud of.

Your Atelier


The Full Experience

Buying a dress from a picture online can be a difficult thing to do, but is a great place to start.  Browse through my styles and book an appointment to try on your favourite ones. 


During your appointment, we’ll discuss your ideas and agenda for your day and explore different styles to compliment your vision. From here, the fun really begins as together we will create the perfect gown designed especially for you by selecting fabrics and trims to suit you individually and the style you have chosen. 

I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and make well-informed choices with design and fabrics which will work best for your day and after 3-4 fittings, your dress will be ready for collection.

We recommend allowing 6-8 months before your special day/event, so that we can ensure that is adequate time for personalised design, fabric sourcing, trims and embellishments. However, if you are pressured for time, please reach out and let us know and we will see what we can create in the time that you have. 


All of our garments are crafted using silk and natural fibres with our pricing structure reflecting the high-quality fabrics and workmanship.

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