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A garment alteration service is a professional service that specialises in modifying and tailoring clothing to achieve a better fit or desired style.  Whether it's adjusting the length of pants, shortening sleeves, altering the waistline on jackets and trousers, or making intricate changes to a wedding gown, alteration services can transform clothing to suit individual preferences and body shapes.


Margaret Wray provides skilled tailoring and expertise with different types of fabrics and garment construction techniques.  We carefully assess the garment and consult with you to understand your needs and preferences.


Alterations provide a valuable solution for individuals who want to enhance the fit, style, and functionality of their clothing.  It offers a convenient and professional option for achieving a personalized wardrobe and maximizing the potential of existing garments.  These services provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for individuals to extend the lifespan of their clothing while ensuring a perfect fit and personal style.

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