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In writing a testimonial for Jamie @ Margaret Wray, my aim is to give comfort to those who find themselves completely overawed by what to wear on their “big day”


I was not one who dreamed of my wedding dress and after finding bridal shops both uninspiring and intimidating a friend mentioned Jamie had made her dress, I approached Jamie as well and I am so glad I did!


My first appointment was to discuss my ideas however I was a completely blank canvas, Jamie suggested gathering ideas and images for our next appointment. Best. Advise. Ever – Instead of trying on multitudes of dresses to determine what I liked, this allowed me the freedom to think about different aspects I preferred.


On our 2nd appointment, Jamie had collated my thoughts and sketched a few styles – for the first time albeit only a sketch, I can honestly say I could begin to picture myself walking down the aisle!


Once we had agreed on the styling the process was simple.  We worked through the timeline and key dates, what would happen throughout the process and the decisions I needed to make.  


Margaret Wray offers a boutique experience when creating a gown, therefore, Jamie struck a reassuring balance between the necessary requirements of my dress, her design/style advise and what I liked.  This explanation doesn’t do the work Jamie does justice, but from the client’s point of view, it should be simple and seamless – which it definitely was.  The ability to create my dress from sketch exactly as described and I imagined, was amazing.


They say pictures say a thousand words but I don’t believe they quite do the justice.  The fit was phenomenal, but rather than just looking amazing the discrete detailing really bought my dress to life.

Jamie’s ability to fit practical requirements such as robust support and ensure that it could transition from a dress for standing in, to one for dancing in, were innovative and much appreciated.


Jamie is an outstanding designer but more importantly, her personality is beautifully fitted to ensure any bride only gets a dress that will make her smile for years to come.

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