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There was no other choice for me to create the most precious item I will ever wear! 

As someone who lives in trousers and jumpsuits, this was always going to be quite a journey, Jamie was considerate and patient with me every step of the way. She listened to every idea I had in my head (of which there were many) thoughtfully looked at what would work for me and created a gown that could not have been more perfect. 

The style was utterly stunning whilst the fit was absolutely perfect. 

I am based in London whilst Jamie works from New Zealand and the time difference was no issue. Jamie went above and beyond to make sure I felt special during the time we spent talking fabric and details through to our fit sessions and the day I finally saw the finished dress which was overwhelming, to say the least. 

My dress is definitely the most commented on part of the it should be! 


Beautiful person: Creative genius 

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