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Sylvie Satin

Influenced by the Art Deco era, Sylvie is a hand-beaded embellished silk satin gown creating an element of vintage in a modern style.


The heavy silk satin full skirt with a pleated hip band and open back bring all features together.

Hand beaded back body extends through the front shoulder and combined with the sheer panel at front neck this non-structured gown creates a gorgeous mid-century style.

Sylvie Chiffon

Influenced by the satin version of this soft chiffon town tone style brings a soft and whimsical element to the style.


Multiple layers of silk chiffon create a soft and feminine silhouette for a more modern bride. The multi-layered full skirt allows for a lot of fun when twirling around in this number! Embellished with lace or crystal beading this chiffon option can be adapted to the desires of each bride. Many colour options are available.

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