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Breast Lifting Nipple Covers are super discreet, adhesive silicone nipple covers with a breast lifting panel!

Secret Weapons exclusively designed Lift Ups - Breast Lifting Nipple Covers are washable and reusable pasties, with a diametre of 11cm.  Lift Ups provide maximum coverage and comfort with a seamless edge designed for invisible lift and support!

Our Breast Lifting Nipple Covers are recommended to lift A-D Cup size breasts. Lift Ups are also perfect Nipple Covers for larger breast sizes as a diametre of 11cm provides much more coverage and support.

Designed for mulitple uses, simley wash our long-lasting Lift Ups Breast LIfting Nipple Covers with mild detergent and air dry.  Once dry, the clever adhesive regenerates itself!

100% silicone/silicone gel

Lift Ups - Silicone Lift Up Nipple Covers

SKU: SW047
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